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    Miranda Kerr by Eric Guillemain for Vogue Korea, July 2013

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    I wanted to do this comparison so you guys could see the changes my body has gone through the last year ✨ Starting at the top left is me in February, at 142lbs when I would jog around the neighborhood or the treadmill for 30min like 3/4 times a week ✨ Top right is me in October, at 146lbs I had been weightlifting for 6mo now & trying to incorporate cleaneating permanently but I would still have my drinks & treats more than occasionally ✨ Bottom left is me in December, at 160lbs when I decided to do the competition & bulked for about a month to build some muscle ✨ Bottom right is me in March, at 137lbs about 2 weeks out from my 1st competition. I had been on a shred plan for 8weeks with my coach @tplack ✨Through his diet plans I was able to see how amazingly important it is to eat properly. The correct amount of protein with a balanced amount of clean carbs for a good source of energy. I’m not gonna lie I had several anxiety binge episodes & it really hard for me to keep a straight head. I was stressed, I was moody & I questioned what I was doing. 😖 But after a couple of weeks at the end of my prep I finally started to enjoy the process, the suffering & the sacrifices because I realized that everything I was doing would be worth it. Yes it is hard, very hard. But that doesnt mean you arent capable of doing it. You just have to put your mind in the right place first, & remind yourself constantly of why youre doing this. When you achieve such a thing you learn & grow, & that is the biggest price after all 🏆 Yes, the good looks comes with it, but the confidence is build from within, from discovering your capabilities. 🙆 You are STRONG 💪 and you can over pass ANY obstacle if you put the EFFORT & your ❤. Stop wishing, whining & complaining & start doing! 👊 #makeithappen #teamFidelis #fitness #motivation #motivationmonday #tanyafitness #beforeandafter #girlswithmuscle #bikinicompetitor #fitfam

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    Workin’ My Puff Into Tuff Tank


    I need this tho



    M E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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